We are a family run business; husband, wife and daughter.  It all started out with wanting to "share" the taste of Hawaiian kind style food. We are inspired by the “Hawaiian style plate lunch”.  Growing up in Hawaii, we know firsthand the flavors of the food,  “da kine” that you get from the islands. It's not just Hawaiian, Korean, Japanese, or Filipino, it's any kind food.  SPAM Musubi, Saimin, Kim Chee, Poke, Loco Moco and so much more. We’re talking about the unique bold flavors, the sauces, the spices, the smell and oh yes, the taste.   After many years of sharing and making food for family and friends for parties, it finally dawned on us that there are more people that want to enjoy the island style food.


        Our Food Truck started in 2011 and then we opened a restaurant in 2013 in Benicia. We also launched a commissary for our Food Truck(s) in 2014. We are expanding and soon there will be several food trucks and opportunities for restaurant franchises. The name Got Plate Lunch might sound funny, but it's really simple, "you get plate lunch?", yah, we got plate lunch". So that's how we came up with the name Got Plate Lunch.  We can’t bring everything from Hawaii, but we sure can bring the food you’re used to eating in Hawaii.

        Come, come inside and enjoy our food, all made with Aloha.  Our meats are fresh, delivered 3 times a week.  Our patties are fresh ground beef, we use only Certified Ground Chuck 80/20.  We make our patties and gravy every morning. We use only the finest ingredients, top grades, and all authentic. S&S brand Saimin, Redondo brand Portuguese sausages, Hawaiian Sun juices, School Kine Cookies all delivered from Hawaii. 

                                                                         - Uncle Myk & Aunty Jamie

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